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Hello, welcome to Just4meat.

Founded in UK in 2015 by Rana Bilal, with headquarter and operations in UK.

Just 4 Meat is committed to delivering fresh, healthy and hygienically packed meat right to your doorstep. Our aim is to give people unlimited choice, of meats, slices and cuts, in the comfort of their home. It’s a one-stop online meat shop where you can easily choose from a variety of fresh meat products such as chicken, beef and mutton currently serving in UK.

Whether you are throwing a dinner party at your home, organizing get together, celebrating a festival with all your loved ones, don't like going meat shopping or just don't feel like stepping out.

Whatever the reason is we offer online ordering and doorstep delivery of the fresh and healthy meat of your choice. So that you and your guests enjoy a hearty and sumptuous meal right from the comfort of your home.

The meat we deliver are freshly cut and go through a standard procedure which involves thorough cleaning, hand-cut by trained and experienced butchers, freshly packed from a nearby store of your choice and delivered fresh to you within in mins.

All of JUST 4 meat products are entirely free from any preservatives, chemicals, antibiotics, steroids or hormones unlike the frozen ones. We got all kind of Slices and Cuts, neatly cleaned and perfectly packed.

What we assure with our app?

1) Access to large inventory of butchers, variety of meat & customized cuts
2) 100% freshly cut and freshly packed from your nearby store and delivered fresh.
3) We deliver at customer’s doorstep through our own specialized home delivery executives who ensure safe and fast delivery.
4) Fresh Chicken, Mutton and Beef @ door steps
5) High Quality packing experience
6) Safe and secured transaction (Cash & Delivery).

Different Categories for your yummy curries, biryani, soups or fried meat recipes.


1) Chicken: Multiple cuts like Chicken curry cut, Chicken breast boneless, chicken wings, Chicken drumstick, Chicken biriyani cut, chicken lollipop.
2) Beef :Variety of beef curry cuts, beef keema, beef chops, prime beef steaks, beef tenderloin.
3) Mutton: Variety of mutton curry cut, boneless mutton, minced mutton. Rib chops, whole mutton leg and whole goat shoulder, lamb chops, lamb boneless, lamb curry cut, lamb ribs, lamb brain, lamb shanks.

UK Office Address

United IT Solutions LTD

The hive Burton

street Nottingham,


United Kingdom